Column: Roger Goodell thinks you’re stupid

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The Giants’ John Mara and the Steelers’ Art Rooney II leave a meeting in Minneapolis in May 2011. — GETTY

Roger Goodell isn't on the verge of being disgraced.

He's already disgraced.

Let's get that much straight right now, no matter how dulled it might be inside his deluded head. He's already lost all but the official title of NFL commissioner. He's already done more damage to "the shield," as he often refers to the league's iconic logo in the context of protecting its image, than the Saints' Bountygate, the Patriots' Spygate and all of James Harrison's collisions combined, simply by virtue of being a salaciously bad commissioner. And now a scandalously bad one, on top of that.

This one won't go away. It just won't. It can't.