Kovacevic: Duquesne rots from the head down


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Micah Mason launches a first-half 3-pointer over the Davidson defense. — DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Dominique McKoy deserved better.

He's Duquesne's only basketball senior and a coach's dream beyond the standard experience and leadership a senior should bring. He can't run or jump or shoot with the biggest or the best, but he's all heart and soul, a 6-foot-8 forward with bouncing dreadlocks and an exposed, chomped mouthguard who huffs and puffs his way to an extra half-inch each night.

Saturday night, the Dukes' finale at the Palumbo Center, was no exception: He pushed and pounded his way to 15 points, eight in a frenzied opening five minutes, as well as eight rebounds. If anyone would be intimidated by facing Davidson, the Atlantic 10's finest, it wouldn't be No. 3.

"Domo," his coach, Jim Ferry would say later, "was outstanding."

Two hours later, the LED high overhead read as follows: Davidson 107, Duquesne 78

Immediately below, McKoy, emotion on the sleeve as always, was disconsolate as he'd begun to walk off, then halted at the 15-foot blue and red logo at center court. His head was buried in his right hand. The dreads, however slightly, trembled. And it wasn't until a teammate offered a gentle nudge a few seconds later that he finally headed off.

This isn't McKoy's fault. Or any player's fault.

The climb goes way, way up to sniff out this rot.

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