Kovacevic: Pouliot mans up

Derrick Pouliot pinched his biceps.

"Look at that," he was showing and telling me Tuesday after the opening of the Penguins' five-day development camp at Consol Energy Center. "What is that, maybe a millimeter?"

Yeah, if that.

"I've lost 8 pounds, added a lot of muscle," he continued. "I've been working out with Gary Roberts. There's no messing around with that guy. It's all business."

Funny, but I'd just begun to ask Pouliot what looked different about him, and the sentence wasn't punctuated before he was illustrating body-fat ratio with his thumb and forefinger.

Funnier still, that's not what I thought looked different.

He seemed more serious. Barely smiling. None of the usual surfer-dude persona.

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