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TV: Bjugstad talks team morale on NHL Tonight

Nick Bjugstad was a guest on NHL Tonight to discuss his experience in Pittsburgh following the trade, the Penguins' team morale, his preferred position on the ice, and more.

Bjugstad said he believes the Penguins' locker room didn't have any culture issues last season.

"That room basically is a room that's won a couple of Stanley Cups," he said. "I don't know that there's much of a culture issue as far as the morale. It just seemed like a really nice group of guys from the get-go there. They're all very welcoming, there's nothing when I came in that was alarming. Losing in the playoffs the way we did so early was disappointing, but it's good to learn from it and there's still some young guys coming up in the organization. It's a little bit of an adjustment, and I think they're going to take the next step this year. It's a team that's won, so you can't really point fingers. This team knows how to win."

Bjugstad said that both center and wing have their advantages and disadvantages, and that he's more familiar with playing center, but he's fine playing wherever Mike Sullivan puts him next season.

Bjugstad also discussed his time playing in Da Beauty League, and named Brock Nelson and Jake Guentzel as two players to watch for this season.

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