Kovacevic: The truth on Russell Martin

LATROBE, Pa. — Sign Russell Martin!

Hang on, let’s try that again with the appropriate gusto: SIGN RUSSELL MARTIN!

Much better.

Honestly, I couldn’t type that sentence with any more conviction if I pounded the keys through my Macbook with a mallet. And if there’s anyone following Pittsburgh sports, intensely or informally, who doesn’t share that sentiment with the same pulse, I’m unaware of them. The retaining of the Pirates’ catcher has become the cause celebre of the summer, from social media to talk shows to that one bigmouth the other night screaming from PNC Park’s upper deck, “Sign Russ now, Buccos! Do it!”

Again, consider that seconded.

At the same time, though, let’s consider whether that’s wishful thinking or holds any basis in reality.

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