Kovacevic: Steelers’ speed thrills, kills

It's hilarious now, but the Steelers have spent most of their offseason downplaying — no, outright dissing — the relevance of all the speed that’s suddenly up and down their roster.

Remember Troy Polamalu’s tone-setting one-liner this summer about how “we could put Usain Bolt and the whole track team out there,” and it wouldn’t matter if they couldn’t play football?

Or Dick LeBeau declaring upon arrival in Latrobe, “Speed’s fine, but it’s got to be going in the right direction” as well as his own “this isn’t track" comparison?

Or Mike Tomlin critiquing we media types at camp that “too much gets made” of speed?

Well, good luck with that now, gentlemen.

Because, with the sizzling work of some of the Steelers’ newer personnel in the 19-16 preseason victory over the Bills on Saturday night at Heinz Field, that cat’s not only out of the bag, it’s sprinting full-steam toward six more points.

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