Kovacevic: Tyler, Pitt point the way

The totality of all that Pitt achieved in its 125th football opener on a sizzling Saturday at Heinz Field, the 501 yards of offense, the five times the defense allowed the chains to move, the cumulative 62-0 slaughtering of some sadly overmatched Delaware Sacrificial Chickens ... the whole scene could still somehow be summarized by the state of one finger on one player.

Yes, Tyler Boyd is OK.

Yes, in all likelihood, he'll be ready for the ACC opener next Friday at Boston College.

The official prognosis of the Clairton Kid's dislocated finger on his left hand, the result of ramming a tackler's helmet on a punt return late in the first half, came from Paul Chryst with a vague, "We'll find out." And Boyd himself wasn't available for comment because of the injury.

But Boyd's teammates, to a man, sounded optimistic bordering on certain.

"He'll be fine," quarterback Chad Voytik was saying. "I talked to him for a little while."

"I can't speak for him," left tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith said, "but he was in really good spirits."

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