Kovacevic: Skip the tape, Ben, and speak up

CLEVELAND -- When will Ben Roethlisberger blow his top?

And really, why hasn't he done so already?

I'm left with a litany of questions, criticisms and outright kicks to the teeth for how miserably the Steelers performed Sunday in this 31-10 throttling by the Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium, from Mike Tomlin's preparation to Todd Haley's comical offensive playcalling to Dick LeBeau's defense ... well, having its own top blown off twice ... to pretty much all 53 players.

This was flat-out sickening in nearly every facet.

It was Tampa times 10, London times 11, getting Tebowed by 12. Because at least that last one happened in the playoffs, a plateau this team might not revisit for another decade at this pace.

As Brett Keisel bluntly put it, "We took one on the chin today."

From the Browns, no less.

And yet, even among all that misery, nothing sore-thumbed its way through quite like the incongruous ineptitude of the Haley offense, which turned out 359 total yards but checked out yet again -- 0 for 3 -- in the red zone. There was no rhythm, no rhyme to what they did, and the Steelers now, remarkably, rank fourth in the NFL in total yardage and 26th in red-zone offense.

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