Kovacevic: Pitt will bounce back if stubborn

James Conner has a fairly blunt philosophy when it comes to facing blitzing defenses, and it's one that's best evident in the slight smirk he'll betray as he describes it: "They want to bring it? Fine. Come right up to the line. Corners don't like to tackle. They want to stay in pass coverage. You run hard at those guys early and ... man, they won't be tackling for 60 minutes, I'll tell you that."

Wonderful, right?

Who'd want their big, bruising back to think any other way?

And, you know, even though Conner was referring to how he and his Pitt teammates plan to take on Virginia Tech's all-guns-blazing defense Thursday night -- 7:32 p.m. kickoff at Heinz Field, plus a national TV audience on ESPN -- the truth is he was saying much the same just five weeks ago after running roughshod over Boston College up in Chestnut Hill.

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