Kovacevic: LeBeau, Steelers must move on

Minutes after the Steelers sprint out of the tunnel Monday night at Heinz Field to take on the Texans -- 8:32 p.m. kickoff -- there will exist at least a chance to witness something truly special as it relates to the Dick LeBeau defense: The best players might actually take the field.

Be sure to savor it. Your grandchildren will want the tale told right.

Brice McCain will start over Cortez Allen at left corner. McCain hinted as much in our interview last week, and LeBeau strongly suggested it Thursday, as well. And all that took was for McCain to be the team's best corner in practice by a wide margin -- Mike Tomlin's assessment, not mine -- and for McCain to pull off a game-sealing pick-6 in Jacksonville and for Allen to be ranked 103rd out of the NFL's 103 qualified corners by Pro Football Focus.


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