Kovacevic: This one’s for you, Mean Joe

Not on this night.

Not in this town.

Certainly not against this particular opponent.

"This was about the greatest of all the Steelers, about Mr. Steeler," Willie Gay was telling me as the clock approached midnight Sunday but Heinz Field's home locker room was still lit up like a thousand suns.

"And you know what else?" Gay kept on. "It was about Steelers football."

Sure was, Will. One that Pittsburghers will be able to cherish on so many levels for a long time.

That was the greatest of all the Steelers, Mean Joe Greene -- never leave off the 'Mean,' no matter how gentle the actual giant -- receiving the ultimate honor from a franchise that's famously never retired numbers: His No. 75 was put to rest, once and for all. As it had to be, for no one ever again will carve the face of the NFL's only six-time Super Bowl champion.

And yes, that was Steelers football out there.

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