Friday Insider: ‘Nobody wants Pedro’

[caption id="attachment_6975" align="aligncenter" width="645"]Pedro-Alvarez2 Pedro Alvarez batted .231 with 18 home runs in 2014 and lost his starting job at third base. -- GETTY[/caption]


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fridayinsider• The Pirates busily addressed their rotation and bullpen at Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings in San Diego, but they also lugged some familiar luggage back home: Pedro Alvarez will be their first baseman.

At least as things appear now.

A source with direct knowledge confirmed what was reported in the Insider last week, that management would eagerly pursue a trade of Alvarez at the Meetings, and that did, indeed, occur. But to no avail. And according to this source, absolutely no avail. In the words of this individual, "Nobody wants Pedro."

There was no elaboration, though it's hard to imagine what would be needed.

So here is how this sets up: The Pirates have no choice but to pay Alvarez the $6 million or so he'll command through arbitration. They have no choice but to make him the starting first baseman, having sent out both Ike Davis and Gaby Sanchez. They have no choice but to deploy him at a position he doesn't want to play. And in the interim, they have no authority to force him to do the extra work needed to enhance the chance of all this somehow working out.

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