Kovacevic: Took a while, but Tomlin took charge

Mike Tomlin wouldn't confess this if offered a month's worth of Baltimore beatings, but man, was he feeling it at his Tuesday press conference.

Asked if Le'Veon Bell riding a stationary bike was a sign he might be ready for the Ravens: "If you’re looking for comfort, it is. But there won’t be any bikes on the field on Saturday night."

Asked how he'd characterize his feelings toward the Ravens in general and John Harbaugh specifically: "I wouldn’t. They’re the nameless grey faces that we play this week."

Asked again about the blown fake punt Sunday: "They did a nice job. We didn’t. Namely, me."

Asked if he's comfortable with diminutive Dri Archer doing any pass-blocking: "I’m comfortable utilizing him with what he does best. If I want him to block Terrell Suggs, then I’m stupid."

He'll be there all week, folks. Try the veal.

No, but seriously, the coach was ablaze. If that microphone weren't clipped to the table in front of him, he easily could have dropped it for dramatic effect on the way out of the room. It was classic Tomlin, deadpan, bug-eyed as he surveyed the room for doubters, the whole deal.

The coach is very much back in his element.

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