Friday Insider: Tomlin sought to push Polamalu

[caption id="attachment_7891" align="aligncenter" width="645"]460750748 Troy Polamalu sits on the Steelers' sideline during their victory two weeks ago vs. the Chiefs. -- GETTY[/caption]


Weekly roundup of a lot of randomness from a lot of time around our city's teams …

fridayinsider• Three key points to make regarding Troy Polamalu right now:

1. He'll start Saturday against the Ravens.

2. He was always going to start if healthy.

3. Mike Tomlin wanted Polamalu to think that No. 2 wasn't the case.

I've spent parts of the past couple days at the Steelers' South Side HQ trying to get to the bottom of whatever might have been behind the coaching staff's thinking regarding Polamalu vs. Will Allen, and I feel about as good as possible about all three of the above points after multiple conversations.

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