Kovacevic: These three must step up for Steelers

The number of individuals instrumental to the Steelers beating the Ravens in their AFC wild card playoff Saturday night is exactly 53, so I'll save you some counting. Add to that the coaches, all others with the team and maybe even the 65,500 expected to hang off the Heinz Field rotundas for kickoff, and the picture is that much clearer.

"All hands, man," Maurkice Pouncey was saying. "All hands on deck."

That's the nature of this rivalry, the gold standard in professional sports for the past decade and change, and that's in a mundane setting, never mind a one-and-done. Toss into the equation that these teams stack up so closely that each has blown the other out of a stadium once already this season -- 26-6 Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium Sept. 11, 43-23 Steelers at Heinz Field Nov. 2 -- and it's not impossible to envision, say, long snapper Greg Warren gripping the game in his right hand.

Even so, I'll isolate on these three individuals tonight:

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