Kovacevic: For Pitt, even the grade lacks a D

"We're not going to hang our heads," Cam Wright was saying at the long table in the Petersen Events Center's press room.

Immediately to his right was Mike Young, hanging his head.

"We didn't make it any easier on ourselves, but we're not done," Jamie Dixon would tell us reporters a few minutes later. "Our focus right now is on beating Florida State."

Kept a straight face, too.

"I don't know what all the talk is going to be, but to me Pitt is a ..."

Oooh, he almost said it, too. Those were the words of Miami coach Jim Larranaga, minutes after his Hurricanes blew right by the Panthers, 67-63, to leave the home side with virtually zero chance at the NCAA Tournament. And you just know he was about to tell us they still belonged.

Instead, he wisely took this route: "... they've beaten some awfully good teams."

Yeah, they sure have. And it now sounds like a fine epitaph.

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