Kovacevic: Where is Steelers’ drafting urgency?

Maybe my problem is that I think more of the Steelers' chances in 2015 than they do.

Honestly, that could be it.

Because, see, the view from here entering this NFL Draft was that this team, blessed with one of the NFL's most bodacious offenses that includes bona fide MVP candidates at quarterback, wide receiver and running back, could have positioned itself to do something special. And not two or three years from now, but right now. This very fall. If only Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin would have taken meaningful steps toward upgrading its 27th-ranked pass defense.

Check that: Colbert and Tomlin could have begun such positioning back in the free-agency period by signing ... well, someone, anyone. As opposed to watching reliable Brice McCain walk.

They didn't. They waited, they watched, they shrugged.

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