Kovacevic: Stallings hire stinks on all levels

Believe it or not, I'm not here to bury Kevin Stallings.

I don't know Stallings. I don't care about Stallings. I'm not remotely invested in his history at Vanderbilt, where he coached 17 seasons, had a losing record inside the SEC, never finished first and hadn't won but a single NCAA Tournament game since 2007. I don't care about this man or his borderline miserable/mediocre career in college basketball:


I do care that our city's preeminent program is trending toward systematic suicide.

Let's not pull punches here: Pitt's hiring of Stallings, made official by the university early Sunday afternoon, is one of the most mind-numbing in any walk of local sporting life. And given that it's happening at the same institution that brought you those halcyon pre-mugshot days of Mike Haywood, that, my friends, is no faint praise.

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