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Sunday: Coming home to a dream

Hello, Pittsburgh ... how ya doin'?

It feels like months since my, as of today, boss Dejan Kovacevic penned my introduction as the new staff photographer as if I'd been acquired by Jim Rutherford to facilitate a run at the Stanley Cup. In reality, it's been 18 days. But 18 days is a lifetime when you're waiting to step into the first stages of your dream career in your hometown.

This new career path is a chance to join the team of journalists -- Pittsburgh's best, in fact -- blazing the new frontier for the way the sports landscape is covered by the media.

If this beginning is also the end of any sort of road for me, it's the end of my time in Morgantown and an end to me reaching out to Dejan on Twitter looking for opportunities to shoot for him.

No, really -- it's happened:

If you're curious, that favorite/like on the Tweet came from Dejan, and a little more than a year later I get the honor of sharing my view from the sidelines, glass, rafters, baseline, base lines and anywhere else I can fit a camera, on his site with all of you Lunatics.

For those wondering (and based on comments on my intro, a number of you are), that sideline view is through Canon and Sigma lenses attached to various Canon bodies -- but most frequently, the trusty Canon 1Dx.

Aside from loving my "job" as a photographer, I play hockey, tweet too much (and think I'm funnier there than I am), think soccer is bloody awesome (it's also my favorite sport to shoot, along with hockey), and I could beat anyone here who is up for a game of NHL 16 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

What else do you guys want to know?

Let's get to know each other in the comments!

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