Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

In Halifax, Crosby whips up a pre-parade

Sidney Crosby lifts the cup during an impromptu parade on Friday, July 15 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. -- Matt Sunday / DKPS

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -- Coming into this weekend, we knew Sidney Crosby would have sports' best trophy in his possession for longer than his allotted day -- an honor fittingly bestowed on the Penguins' tenured captain. What we didn't know was that he would appear in public with the trophy during his "extra" day, and roam the streets of this maritime town atop an amphibious truck similar to the 'Ducky Tours' trucks back in Pittsburgh.

It's not uncommon for winners to appear in public with the Cup, but Crosby already had his day planned -- and it's tomorrow.

Josh Yohe and I talked a little bit about what we would do if we had our day. Selfishly, neither of us would have paraded our hometown streets of Peters Township for one day, let alone two.

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