Kovacevic: Seriously, what is wrong with these people?


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Nutting, Coonelly, Huntington. -- GETTY

Maybe Neal Huntington wants to get fired.

Honestly, that was my first thought as the Pirates' three trades at the deadline came across, first underwhelming then unimportant then flat-out unbelievable. It occurred to me, especially when that third one arrived, that maybe this general manager could be sick of his surroundings. That maybe he'd like to seek greener pastures and greater payrolls elsewhere and apply his methodologies in places like Boston or Chicago, as Theo Epstein has.

This crossed my mind. I swear it.

And then I cut off what must have been a temporary lapse in my still-partial sanity.

Because what's most necessary, I think, to describe this franchise's most disillusioning day since the Aramis Ramirez dump of 2003, is a step back for the bigger picture.

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