Carter’s Classroom: Splash plays drown Redskins

Antonio Brown jogs past Redskins defenders after picking up a first down. -- MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Mike Tomlin's penchant for press conference mantras is well known after 10 seasons as the Steelers' coach. Whether he talks about how "iron sharpens iron," or how "the standard is the standard," or says "obviously" several dozen times in one sitting, Tomlin has developed a repertoire of recognized phrases common to his talks with the media.

One of these phrases is the impact of "splash plays," a reference to plays that yield big yardage, scoring plays, turnovers or just huge shifts in momentum. The Steelers employed plenty of those in their 38-16 rout of the Redskins on Monday night. We take this film room session to examine three such plays:

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