Kovacevic: A sad, sad Sunday from which we can cull so much


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Arnold Palmer at his final British Open, July 21, 1995 at St. Andrews, Scotland. - GETTY

Brief and to the Point ...

No topic moves men and women quite like our own mortality. That's how it always will be. Death is the ultimate negative, the most terrible of trolls.

And yet, within that same context, we often uncover our kindest, most generous selves.

We could witness that from afar Monday night in Miami, when the Marlins and Mets, together yet respectfully separately mourned the tragic loss of Jose Fernandez, a bright young pitcher and brighter light still for the burgeoning Cuban-American community in South Florida.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"] photo phil_zps6kxc5yud.gif In Miami on Monday night. - GETTY[/caption]

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