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Road to 1,000 gift subscriptions: Now it’s 900 sold! Time is ticking!

As of 3:44 p.m. Saturday, a little more than three hours since the last update of reaching 800, we just sold our 900th gift subscription, with less than two days to reach our seasonal goal of 1,000. And I’m talking … wow, we sold 100 just like that! Wife and I went out to do our own last-minute shopping, and we just came back to find out a whole lot of others doing theirs!

So, can we make it?

Well, we’ve risen from 43 to 75 to 95 over the past three full days, and we’re going wild today, so it’s looking plenty promising, I’d say, to make up the remaining 100. Christmas Eve and Christmas itself have always been our two biggest days.

One important note: For the purposes of this tally, we’re counting a Lunatic gift as three and a Lifetime Lunatic gift as nine, for obvious reasons. More than 80 percent of gifts so far have been one-year terms.

Whether we make it or not, I can’t stress this enough: We are, all of us as a staff and our families, so very grateful for every single gift that you’ve bought. It’s a big part of what we do.

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We’re also offering a new set of custom cards, designed by my wife Dali, including this for Christmas: 


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