Sunday’s Best: Pirate City shows a sunny calm

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Pirate City. — MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

BRADENTON, Fla. — In a late edition Sunday's Best, I wanted to show off a vacant look at Pirate City that Matt Gajtka and I got Sunday morning as we walked the grounds. We expected to stumble across some light workouts, but the only one we got was our own light trek through the emptiness.

Shout out to Daniel Hudson, though. We hear he was on-site at some point Sunday thinking players would be around — they weren't.

During the journey, Matt and I got a look at the new spring-training jerseys the Pirates will wear, but I was unable to shoot them in the locker room while they waited for each number-sake to claim them. Look for a detailed post on the new look in the coming day or two.