Cartoon Canon: Spanning a century in three frames

RICHMOND, Va. -- The NHL trade deadline is always on the mind this time of year and, though it’s been already covered here, I couldn’t resist taking another pass at The Trade that Started It All back in 1991.

And really, anytime you have an excuse to draw those incredible Hartford Whalers sweaters, you have to take it.

I’ve also got baseball on the mind. Early spring is usually when I go back and re-watch a couple episodes of Ken Burns’ 'Baseball' and bathe in a little nostalgia. It was this inclination that led me to read up a bit on Forbes Field, and discover a few amazing facts about the speed of its construction.

And though I don’t usually choose to memorialize events that are less than a week old, I couldn’t resist working up a strip about that incredibly satisfying game we were treated to last Saturday night. I mentioned in the Sketchbook feature a couple weeks ago that I couldn’t imagine we’d see anything as impressive as we did on New Year’s Day 2008, but heck if it didn’t come awfully close!





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