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Sunday’s Best: Baseball in diminutive detail

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A sweaty Gregory Polanco following Dominican Republic batting practice. — MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

BRADENTON, Fla. — Baseball is a game of analytics.

It's a game of individual efforts compiling for the good of a team.

It's a game of beer and hot dogs and pork sandwiches with pierogi on top, a game for helmet sundaes in summer heat, a game built for the fan experience.

What we don't often see as baseball fans, seated even in the closest proximities to a major-league sport, is the detail. We don't see the rosin bags exploding against hands, we don't see the tar replacement being applied to the bat or helmet, we don't see the personalized touch to each batting glove and we don't see a bead of sweat ready to make a run between a player's lips.

My goal, spawned by that last thought while capturing the featured image on this post, is to bring out as much of the detail of the game as I can through my images.