Carter’s Classroom draft profile: T.J. Watt, linebacker


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T. J. Watt. - AP

One of the more talked about players in the 2017 NFL draft class who isn't consistently projected to go in the first round is the outside linebacker from Wisconsin, T. J. Watt.

Watt first had a spotlight on him thanks to his older superstar brother, J. J. Watt, but he's kept that spotlight on him with consistent play and fundamental defense on a unit that contended for the Big Ten championship with Penn State this year.

His athleticism, skill set and size make him a prospect who teams can consider at both outside and inside linebacker, despite Wisconsin relying on him as the former throughout the 2016 season.

We get into his tape on his edge play primarily, with a little reasoning after as to why he could be a guy that the Steelers could consider for either position:

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