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Sunday’s Best: Nationwide is on the Jackets’ side

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William Karlsson high fives fans through the glass. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

COLUMBUS, Ohio — I know I went into this a bit Monday, but Nationwide Arena is just a special place to play, and a special place to watch, or photograph, a game.

Last night was certainly no exception as I'm sure the energy and Cueto-like "(Marc-Andre) Fleury" chants in the building had an adverse affect on the team in white. The fans were the 'fifth line,' and the Blue Jackets came out looking like a playoff team for a good part of 60 minutes.

Nothing really describes this place better than watching William Karlsson opt to 'high five' fans through the glass as he celebrated the Jackets' momentum-winning fourth goal, proving just how dang much that fifth line means to the success of one through four.

You've seen that one where it rests above, so let's take a look at a few additional favorites from Game 4.