Daily Fun Thing

Staff profiles: The details remain sketchy

RICHMOND, Va. -- So here we are with another round of staff caricatures, including Dustin Dopirak, who’s absolutely been killing it on the Bucs beat, and Matt Sunday, who I really hope to sit down with one day and play some video games. I went back and forth a bit about drawing our social media guru Taylor Haase holding a smartphone, lest it seem like picking on one of the younger members of the staff … but she’s so prolific with the thing, it’d be like portraying Sunday without a camera!

All of these caricatures have been created using only photos and a videos for reference, and it’s sometimes a little tougher drawing someone you’ve never laid eyes on in person. Thankfully, I plan to rectify that this weekend, as I’ll be in the Steel City to run the Pirates 5k, take in a couple games and finally meet some of the fine folks of DKPittsburghSports.com for the first time. To say I’m anxious would be a gross understatement.

And hey, if you’re running the race Saturday morning, make sure to say hello as you (inevitably) pass me by on the course!

Thanks for reading!