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Site Stuff: Welch decides to ‘return to my hometown and be with family’

Matt Welch, who’d covered West Virginia, Duquesne, Robert Morris and the Riverhounds for us since March 2016, has decided to take a break from journalism, including our site.

He tweeted the following Thursday night:

We part on the best possible terms. Matt’s a talented reporter, writer and even he even dabbles in photography, and our only focus was on keeping him for the long haul. Trust me when I tell you — and Matt can confirm — a significant effort was made to do exactly that very recently. But when it comes to home and family, all else comes second. I respect that.

Our door is open to Matt, as I’ve told him, and we’d love to see his work appear again here someday.

As for us, we have a position to fill, and we’ll fill it. Matt’s greatest strength for us were his long-form pieces, so we’ll be looking in that direction first and foremost. Duquesne, Robert Morris and the Hounds will be covered, of course, with the greatest urgency on the latter because they’re in-season. Heck, I might do a few of those myself since I’m at all the matches, anyway, right outside our office.

Thanks one final time here to Matt for his outstanding work with us, as well as for leading us to Matt Sunday, our staff photographer.

As always, I’ll be in comments to answer questions. And maybe Matt will show, too, since he’s still a subscriber!