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Site Stuff: Let’s do this DK Sports Radio thing right … now!

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It's been a year since we launched DK Sports Radio, our daily collection of podcasts under the helm and the hosting of Tim Benz, and we've been happy with the growth. It's been great, really.

Now, it's time to grow a whole lot greater.

After a series of meetings all week, including with a few excellent outside experts, we've decided to try to push toward a live-stream actual radio station -- online, of course, since that's where the whole radio business is heading in a hurry -- as well as a major expansion in our programming.

Here's some of what that means:

• You'll now have the option to hear DK Sports Radio both as a live station and the way you currently do, through our daily podcasts. You'll get our shows the way you want them. If you prefer to just tap a play button and hear it all, whether on the run in or in your car, you'll have that. If you prefer podcasts -- and metrics show that most people do -- you'll still be able to pick and choose your favorite topic or host.

Tim's material has been very well received, and he'll still anchor the key morning drive time. But it won't just be his voice anymore. I'm planning on having my own show, something I haven't done on a regular basis in a few years. Others on our staff have expressed interest in participating. We could have panels specific to one sport. We could have debates. We could take your calls or questions. We could do pregame or postgame. The scope is literally limitless.

• Please read this one in the loudest voice imaginable: Nothing will change about the site. Nothing, nothing, nothing. As in nothing. We're a writing site. We'll always be a writing site. There won't be a syllable less of written content because of this. Tim and a new employee would still carry the load, and the rest of us would pitch in by sporadically talking about sports, which is second nature for all of us. There would be no meaningful investment of time for anyone but Tim and the new employee, and that goes for me, too.

• Our goal here is to offer a different way to help promote the brand and the site, as well as a different set of options for potential advertisers.

And that, my friends, is where you might come in.

We've determined, for a slew of good reasons, that we want this venture to stand on its own two legs. Meaning it won't draw a penny away from the site operations. Meaning its got to make its own fiscal sense. That's how we've done everything to this point, and it's why we're still the only venture of this kind anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Speaking as plainly as ever, we're seeking sponsors for this programming. Large or small. Corporate or next-door neighbor. And our goal, which I'll admit is ambitious, is to get $50,000 in commitments before September. That way, we'll be able to launch in time for what could be a special season for the Steelers.

If you're interested, email me directly:

We'll post a running tally of the sponsorship commitments in this space each week, and we'll separately recognize each and every contributor. No individual dollar amounts will be listed, of course, but we'll want to thank everyone.

If you have questions about this in any form, whether as a potential sponsor or as a subscriber, I'll be in comments, as always, to answer every single one.

All I've got to add is this: We're very, very excited. We think this could be a great addition to the site, the app and all concerned.

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Our third anniversary is this month, and we'd love to celebrate that with you. We're calling it the Lunatic Bash, the same stupid name we used for the first two, and it'll take place Sunday, July 16, at our offices inside Highmark Stadium. The event will begin at 5 p.m., and it'll roll until whenever.

The actual anniversary date comes six days later, but we chose this date so more of our staff could be there -- I'm covering the Pirates out in Denver on the actual date, for example -- and because a few of you reached out to say you'd prefer a weekend date if you had to travel any significant distance.

Our great friends at PNC have kindly offered to provide refreshments.

We really, really hope to have you. It's a pretty big deal in our little world.


You'll soon be seeing new splash screens on our app that illustrate our partnership with PNC Bank, as well as our site/app developers at Aspinwall-based Build In Motion, with the design by Alan Waldron:

Simple, sleek and professional, just the way we like it. These guys do good work.

These won't show up for a week or so, but tap or click one of the update buttons below to make sure you've got the latest version of your app:




• Subscriptions are at 39,510, with 317 sold for the week. As ever, we're grateful for every single one.

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• We're at 30,599 total active apps in devices, a gain of 301 in the past week. Of that total, 22,672 are Apple, 7,923 are Android.

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