All-day baseball: From Cleveland to Pittsburgh, a true twinbill

RICHMOND, Va. — Back in 2014, I looked at Major League Baseball's master schedule on a day I’d be visiting my mom in Ohio, and I noticed that there was a game in Cleveland scheduled one afternoon, and a game in Pittsburgh that same evening.

I wondered, hmmm, would it be possible to go to both games? It seemed like a lot of baseball for one day, but really -- isn’t anything worth doing also worth overdoing? (A point that is quickly driven home with a single glance at the bookshelves in my studio or the 50+ hockey sweaters in my closet).

I decided it was an idea so stupid that I had to at least attempt it. Frankly, I was surprised to have even one person decide to go along, but somehow I managed to rope four pals -- Greg, Kenny, Jay and Craig -- into the idea.

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