Friday Insider: What’s Nutting thinking?


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Bob Nutting. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Bob Nutting owns the Pirates now, and he's going to continue owning for the foreseeable future. I've had countless people in the know, from the man himself to those close to him to those who've approached him about buying, confirm that emphatically.

Not. For. Sale.

I offer this for one reason alone here: If anyone's idea of a solution for what ails the franchise is to change the owner, that's a non-starter. It won't happen and, thus, suggesting it won't solve anything.

OK, we good so far?

Because if not, in all candor, maybe this isn't the team for you. I don't offer that lightly, and I never presume to tell people who to support or not support. But this owner's going to be here. And any success this team has will come with Nutting as the owner. So that's the context. That's the prism through which any potential future needs to be viewed.

So, to that end, what could he be thinking right now?

What could he be thinking with these Pirates now out of the playoff picture, headed toward a seventh losing season out of 10 under this management, looking at little help on the way due to dismal drafting and, maybe most ominously, with both attendance and TV ratings plunging?

Oh, and his GM, manager and generational superstar all entering club-option years in 2018?

I have lots of conversations with lots of people on this and related subjects, as one might imagine, so I'll try to share some of the stronger sentiments -- meaning those that are most commonly shared by many people -- in bullet form here for you:

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