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You might not know the man, but you sure know his work.

Please welcome Chris Benson, the mastermind behind the Pittsburgh-based Benstonium viral video factory, to our full-time staff as multimedia director and ... well, whatever it is he wants to be with us. Because that's what you do with talents like this.

For anyone who doesn't know of Benstonium, I could either show you this ...

... or just send you to the dude's page, which is so much more messed up than anything up there from the video he did to introduce our sites' partnership in 2015. He's the real deal, with 400-plus viral videos and 50 million-plus views.

Chris is born in Jeannette, raised in Carnegie, taught at Pitt, and he's worked for media companies across Pittsburgh as well some of the nation's largest outlets. But now he's stuck with us and, actually, he's been with us for a couple weeks now. (This was the second staff addition to which I hinted in this space a week ago.) We'd just been waiting for the right time to announce it, and Site Stuff wound up feeling perfect.

What will Chris do for us?

Well, again, that's kind of up to him. But at the foundation, he'll oversee DK Sports Radio, Morning Java, all our video and audio content and, more in the Benstonium vein, he'll contribute to our Random Fun Thing each Wednesday, as well as some promotional initiatives. He's capable of a whole lot.

This site's always been about trying to do stuff a little differently, which is why we were thrilled to hook up with Benstonium in the first place. Having him under our roof now is just amazing. Even if we have zero idea what to expect.


One of many nice things about having Chris around is that we've all been in our Highmark Stadium offices a bit more of late, though it's more of an in-and-out thing based on Java or Radio need. No one on our staff other than Chris works in the office regularly, so it's not like we punch clocks or something. But it's a pretty neat place, as you might have seen and, speaking only for myself, I've really enjoyed it over there all week:

[caption id="attachment_441596" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Office. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS[/caption]

Can't imagine why, huh?


We're bringing a little regularity to our Random Fun Thing feature, maybe you've noticed. Every Tuesday, it's a new Cartoon Canon from Rob Ullman. Every Friday, it's a new Favorites and Likes social media collection from Taylor Haase. And now, every Wednesday, it's Benstonium.

We'll leave the other two days free in case Audrey Snyder shows up in a corn field in Iowa and stuff like that.


Here's a weird number: Our Pitt and Penn State coverage -- combined -- comprises 7.3 percent of our total traffic on the site. And that's this month, when both football teams are in season and one of them is top-five in the nation.

I've really got nothing to add here, other than that Audrey and Lance Lysowski are doing exceptional work on these beats, and we've given both schools bigger play than ever out on the home page.

Kind of a bummer.


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