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Welcome, Miller Lite, as major sponsor!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — My wife Dali has been on quite a roll in signing up partnerships of all shapes and sizes, and we’re going to be rolling those out for you here in the next few days.

Let’s first roll out a barrel of Miller Lite!

From the day this site launched, a beer sponsor has felt like a no-brainer given our demographics, our city, all that stuff. Well, it sure did take a while, but it was worth it, as the globally known Miller Lite brand has come on board in a big way to connect with us on the following:

• Live Qs at 5: Our daily 5 p.m. question-and-answer sessions with readers will now bear the Miller Lite brand, logo and everything

• From each of those sessions, we’ll award a Miller Lite question of the week, with the weekly winner receiving a free Steelers T-shirt and entering a drawing  for the monthly prize — first one, beginning in November, will be an autographed Steelers item.

• A new Monday Q&A show on DK Sports Radio will be sponsored by Miller Lite.

• This is the coolest one: We’ll do on-location Q&As with our staffers at various bars in the Pittsburgh region, with the first of those coming Oct. 25 — Matt Gajtka and Lance Lysowski — at Cadillac Ranch in Robinson, with our readers getting $3 drafts from 5-7 p.m.:

You can see the obvious pattern. The Miller Lite folks were most intrigued by our site’s ongoing and growing interaction with our readers, and they want to be part of that.


I don’t do many speaking engagements, and I apologize for that regularly. I actually enjoy them. It’s just that there’s no time.

That said, I’ve always made an exception for Point Park University, my adopted alma mater — hey, I actually did go to kindergarten there, for real — and I’ll do so again Tuesday at 1 p.m. inside the Student Center, Downtown on Boulevard of the Allies:

We did one of these three years ago, and the students were just … it was an amazing experience, with some of the questions that were asked and with all the approaches afterward to seek even more information. Way too often, when young people ask about becoming sportswriters, all they’re really asking is how they can meet Sidney Crosby. These kids are training to become journalists.

Looking forward to this.


Our Taylor Haase has been on a social media tour de force in promoting various aspects of the business and, since she’s always collecting other people’s work, I thought I’d return the favor and round up some of her best lately:

OK, that last one was Lance’s, but I’m guessing Taylor’s work was an inspiration. She’s the best. We’re beyond lucky to have her.

Oh, and if you see her work, whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, give it an RT, share, like, whatever. Every little bit helps draw new eyeballs our way.


We’ve had more and more serious inquiries from around the country regarding our offer to sell our platform to any journalist who wants to start one of these ventures for themselves. I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect, but it sure wasn’t all this. Amazing.

If you’re interested:


Tracking our renewal rate among the Original Lunatics — meaning the 1,388 readers who bought a three-year subscription at any point in 2014 — is important enough for us that it’s now a staple of Site Stuff:

• We’ve already had 728 of those 1,388 renew, or 52 percent.

• Of the 728 who renewed, 100 upgraded to Lifetime.

• We’re at a 71 percent renewal rate for the 933 who have already reached their expiration date, meaning 660 renewed.  This number is way higher than the 50 percent we had forecast, and we’ll be — very pleasantly — surprised if it stays that high.

If you’re one of those Originals and need instructions on renewing, tap right here.


If you’re newly subscribed and haven’t yet downloaded our app, we have an Apple and Android version, both free:



• Subscriptions are at 39,507. That’s a net loss of three this week.

• We’re at 347 in the Lifetime Lunatic category, with two sold this week. If you’re interested in upgrading to any level at any time for any reason, click or tap My Account in the menu, then click or tap Upgrade Subscription. You don’t need to wait until your current subscription expires.

• We’re at 35,922 total active apps in devices. Of that, 26,810 are Apple, 9,108 are Android.

• On company social media, we’re at 27,950 on Twitter26,814 on Facebook8,438 on InstagramTaylor’s asking for help: She wants us to get to 10,000 on Instagram because, once we reach that, she can use that platform to greater benefit for our site.

• We had 174,134 downloads of our DK Sports Radio podcasts for the past month, an average of 5,804 per day. This past Tuesday marked our single biggest day for podcast downloads since relaunch at 15,062. On our new livestream broadcast, we’re averaging 4,596 unique users per day in October.

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