Cartoon Canon: When the backboard(s) came crashing down

RICHMOND, Va. -- I‘m not really much of a hoops fan at all, but there’s something about the ABA I find irresistible. I have a natural fondness for defunct leagues, and when you throw in crazy mustaches and hairstyles, forget about it!

I need to pass along thanks to our own Jerry Wolper for a research assist with this one. He passed along a few tidbits, some of which I didn’t even get to use, including the fact that it was none other than Myron Cope who bestowed the moniker 'Helicopter' on Condors contributor Charlie Hentz.

For the last several years, whenever I’d have a question about Pittsburgh sports, Jerry's been the guy I know I can go to for that extra bit of obscure info -- more often than not, because he was actually at the game or event in question!

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