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Friday Insider: Bell’s remark harmless beyond words

Cue the haters.

I cringed when I heard about the ESPN report by Jeremy Fowler saying Le'Veon Bell told him he would consider (consider!) holding out or retiring after this season if the Steelers placed the franchise tag on him again.

I cringed picturing that people would see the headline and not actually think about what he was saying. Because he certainly didn't.

I cringed in the context he'll probably consider signing a tag deal. It's awfully tough to turn down $15 or so million when it's sitting on the table.

And I cringed because Bell should have known better than to answer that question, even if it might have been conversational and even if he might not have thought it was a big deal.

Let me just tell you this now: The Steelers are completely focused on beating the Jaguars this week. Then, they'll worry about beating the Patriots -- if, indeed, that's who they face in the AFC Championship.

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