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Site Stuff: How much longer to wait on Pitt?


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The view from the press box at Petersen Events Center. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Coverage matters, but so does making the right choice.

Last week, I promised we'd talk about this soon and, even though I don't have a lot new to share, I'd like to touch on it today.

No matter what different approaches we've tried to covering various teams and colleges over these past three-plus years, our readers have consistently maintained the same request above all: Each beat should have a designated reporter. So we heard that, loud and clear. Dale Lolley is on the Steelers, Chris Bradford on the Penguins, Lance Lysowski on the Pirates, Audrey Snyder on Penn State, Dejan Kovacevic is on all of the major-league beats through writing columns ... and we're not yet complete.

What about Pitt? Why don't we have a designated Pitt reporter yet?

Well, we could have made that hire already. Long ago, actually. We knew more than three months ago that Chris Mueller would be leaving us, as he'd formally informed us he'd leave around the end of college basketball season because he wanted to return home to Philadelphia. We respected his wish, we liked his work, and we stuck by him to the end. No regrets there whatsoever.

Now, we're being patient. It's easier to cave to pressure, avoid criticism and find a quick fix. But hasty hires have occasionally, going back years, led to bringing people on board who were not a good fit for the company, our staff, our coverage or you. Those won't happen anymore.

The goal that Dale and I have is to hire a reporter who can cover Pitt at the level you expect. At a level that rivals our Penn State coverage. Until then, the immediate goal is to contribute through teamwork.

I know this doesn't answer all of your questions, but it's the best I can do for now. When I know more, you'll know more. I beg for your patience. Let us get this hire right.


It feels crazy to think about baseball already, but Lance and Matt Sunday will fly down to Bradenton after the weekend for the opening of the Pirates' spring training.

We've talked about many possible ways to cover these seven weeks, and we aren't done talking about it. But we know that Lance and Matt will be down there for at least the first eight days delivering extensive content on the spot, as well as collecting material toward future projects. We also know that Dejan will make one trip down there, for sure, in early March, possibly two, depending on hockey needs. There will be much more but, again, it's not determined yet.


Some of you have already noticed, for sure, but the Grind columns and the What's Brewing portion of the Grind columns are now separate.

Grind will actually expand to run seven days, and it'll be done mostly by Dejan but also by other members of our staff. It'll be all quick hits, as it usually was. It's basically like getting the old Tuesday Takes every single day. Only with more voices and more viewpoints on more subjects.

What's Brewing will be there for you every day, as well. It's like a home base, a place to check every morning to see our newest stuff, including Morning Java and our latest podcasts. You can also use the commenting forum for anything you want, so you don't feel tied to commenting on a specific article.


We quietly tried a couple of times in the past week to release certain content in a way that you, the subscriber, could share it with a family member, friend or anyone who might be interested. Dejan's Marc-Andre Fleury column was one of those. A lot of you wrote to ask for more.

We like the idea a lot. We just need to figure out how best to let you know. In comments? At the end of the article? Through an alert?

Let's hear your ideas!


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