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Site Stuff: People are taking notice of DKPS

One thing about covering a major event such as the NFL Scouting Combine is that you get a chance to talk to others in the business.

Radio Row at the NFL Scouting Combine has become part of the NFL Experience. -- DALE LOLLEY / DKPS

INDIANAPOLIS — One thing about covering a major sporting event such as the NFL Scouting Combine — and it has become a major sporting event, second in the NFL only to the Super Bowl — is that you get a chance to talk to other people in the business.

One interesting tidbit I learned this week is that there are a number of NFL media types — many names you would recognize — who are paying attention to what we’re doing here. In fact, a couple of people have told me some are considering a venture much the same as this one at a national level using our site and Greg Bedard’s Boston Sports Journal, which was built on our platform, as the models.

It’s a testament to what you guys have helped us set up here at Everyone has taken notice.

We’ve tried — and hopefully succeeded more often than not — to bring you the best coverage on the Penguins, Pirates and Steelers along with Pitt, Penn State and other major stories in the Pittsburgh area since our inception. I haven’t been here for all of that. Dejan and Dali deserve a ton of credit with coming up with a plan for this and sticking to it. And sometimes we try some new or different things. Again, sometimes they work. Other times they don’t.

As you can see from Dali’s post below, we’ve made an adjustment to what we’re going to be doing with the Pirates for the remainder of spring training. Our goal, as it always has been, is to give you the best coverage around.

And we’ll continue to keep working on that, evolving with the times. That’s the nice thing about working for a venture such as this. Unlike newspapers, we can be more agile with what we do. We can more easily adjust.

That’s why others are taking notice.


Some readers expressed concern about our spring training coverage plan that saw Lance Lysowski and Matt Sunday intensely cover for the first couple weeks in Bradenton, then continue filing pieces from Pittsburgh for a few days based on the material they got down there.

Well, we heard you. Beginning Wednesday, Dale and I agreed, Lance will fly back to Bradenton and remain there for the rest of the spring. That will mean live files, game coverage, everything.

It’s not just the comments and emails we received. It matters even more that the readership numbers on our Pirates coverage have been strong. Of course that’s a credit to the work Lance and Matt have done, and Dejan’s been down there since Thursday, but it also says a lot about your interest. It’s one of the bonuses of being a web-only operation. We don’t have to wonder what you like. The numbers tell the story. – Dali Kovacevic


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Thanks to Steve Bechtold, Alan Waldron and our great partners at Aspinwall-based Build in Motion for taking care of these. – Dejan Kovacevic


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That said, here are two common specifics that cause this:

1. Make sure your mobile browser is set to accept cookies. Our app is rooted in a browser. If cookies are shut off, repeated logins will be a must.

2. If you share your subscription with someone else — and I heard yet another example of this just yesterday — you’ll get logged out every time they get logged in, and vice versa. The only solution for that, obviously, is for the other person to get their own subscription. — Dejan


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