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Site Stuff: ‘We fixed the glitch’

It turns out something happened with our payment platform where expiration dates were nullified.

So our daughter Dara, who handles customer service, received an email this week from a reader asking when his subscription will expire, suspecting it would happen around this time.

She found his subscription had already expired, but he still had full access to the site. This was the case for 284 other readers whose subscriptions expired after Jan. 9, 2018.

Our subscription platform was simply ignoring expiration dates. No one received an expiration notice and nothing at all changed regarding their status.

Anyway, as the ‘Bobs’ from ‘Office Space’ would say, we fixed the glitch with the help of our Aspinwall-based developer Build In Motion, though we still haven’t found out what happened to cause it. The notifications were emailed on Thursday, and everything’s back in order. But I’m sharing here just in case you, too, were surprised that your subscription seemed to be running a little long.

If you have any questions, email us:

Thanks to the many people who renewed their subscriptions after getting these emails. We really appreciate your support. We will continue to work hard for you.


We have 377 Lifetime Lunatics, and we now know how many we’ll have in the very end: 500.

We’re thrilled and grateful for the support we’ve gotten for the program — Dejan and I predicted we would get about 20 total — but we’d decided at the very beginning that we would need to cut off the number at some point because of the impact years down the road. Those are the kinds of decisions Dale Lolley and I are making now, both in business and editorially. We want to be more cautious, less rash than in the past, planning long term.

If you’d like a Lifetime subscription for $250, they’re right here. You can upgrade from any level at any time. If you do, email us at and we’ll reimburse you for the time you have left on your existing subscription.

There are exactly 123 left!


What a time for the new guy to start.

Our new Pitt beat writer, Matt Grubba, will start work in the upcoming week and it couldn’t have come at a bigger moment for the university or athletic program. With the news that Kevin Stallings is now out as head coach, Grubba is going to have to dig in immediately to sift through the wreckage of a horrid season.

Oh yeah, the football team starts spring practices, and the Riverhounds are about to kick off, as well. Welcome to the team, rook!

Actually, Grubba is anything but a rookie. He’ll do a great job and we feel very fortunate to have acquired another experienced reporter to add to DKPS. Matt is going to jump right into this thing with two feet this week, so try to take it easy on him for a while — I jest. You guys and gals are great. The community here is why we enjoy doing what we’re doing.

By the way, here’s a little inside information on Matt. He recently was a finalist to appear on Jeopardy. Yeah, the site’s IQ just went up. — Dale Lolley


Christopher Carter, Dejan Kovacevic and I will host an on-location Pittsburgh sports Q&A session Monday, March 12, from 7-9 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings in Monroeville! Ask your questions, win prizes! Grab a Miller Lite draft for $3.25!

Be sure to RSVP and see all event details at our event page here. — Lolley


Our recent push to promote our Apple app — through many forms, both visible and otherwise — is reaping instant rewards. The past three weeks of installations by new users — 94, 117, 103 — have been our biggest non-Christmas weeks since Patric Hornqvist planted that puck off Pekka Rinne’s hindquarters.

That’s extremely encouraging in that it puts us into people’s phones where, ideally, they’ll be intrigued enough by what they see to consider a subscription. There’s no scientific formula for this, obviously, but new subscriptions have been on the rise to accompany this trend.

Here’s the Chris Benson video we’re using:


Oh, and we do have apps. They’re updated regularly. Get your app or update your existing app by tapping the appropriate button below:


And if you’ve got issues with either app, please consider helping us out by emailing specifics to, including your device, platform and operating system. Emailing this information is very much appreciated. – Dejan


• Subscriptions are at 38,515. That’s +21 over the past week.

• We’re at 377 in the Lifetime Lunatic category, with two sold in the past week. If you’re interested in upgrading to any level at any time for any reason, click or tap My Account in the menu, then click or tap Upgrade Subscription.

• We’re at 40,313 (+237) total active apps in devices, according to the alert system. Of that, 29,743 (+171) are Apple, 10,566 (+66) are Android.

• We’re at 27,625 (+117) followers on Facebook8,570 (+13) on Instagram27,986 (-10) on Twitter.

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