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Sunday’s Best: Telling a winning story with a losing image

The hope of any photographer is to capture the story of the game in their best frames.

Casey DeSmith fails to keep out the Stars' lone tally. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

The hope of any photographer is to capture the story of the game in their best frames. So, when the Penguins win, 3-1, over the Stars, a room full of photographers is — ideally — editing images that tell that story.

What happens, though, when every photographer in the room says, “man, that’s three straight games without a photo?” Someone saying that doesn’t at all mean that they couldn’t tell the story. They just mean that the story couldn’t be told in that single image you hope to make anytime the puck drops.


The problem, especially in hockey, is that what you can capture is subject to variables completely out of the photographer’s control. Where the action happens, what’s between you and the subject, etc.

Goals are scored at the other end of the ice in hockey as much as they are in front of you, so you work around the obstacles and create a photo that helps tell the story. If all you can get is a player bumping the gloves of his teammates on the bench, then that’s what you use to tell the story of a goal you can’t otherwise see.

Sometimes, your best photo tells a part of the whole story, but doesn’t tell it in a single frame. If the Penguins would have lost, I could have told the story in a single frame — the one you see above. Despite Casey DeSmith’s sprawling efforts, he couldn’t keep the puck out of the net when presented with a 5-on-3 disadvantage.

Hopefully the rest of the selections from Sunday’s evening matchup tell the rest of the story:

Evgeni Malkin fires off a one-timed shot. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Sidney Crosby turns on the jets for an early chance. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Patric Hornqvist celebrates his opening score with hugs and an Evgeni Malkin scream. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Jake Guentzel eyes a puck beneath him in the crease, but can’t help it over the line. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Derick Brassard watches Jamie Oleksiak’s goal find a resting place in the net. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Jamie Oleksiak smiles after scoring against his former team. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Phil Kessel pushes the puck up ice after retrieving it in the corner. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Kris Letang defends a power play. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Fans wave to Iceburgh as he? she? they? hides in its? jersey. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Jamie Benn can’t find the loose puck in front of Casey DeSmith. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Evgeni Malkin dances into the offensive zone. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Phil Kessel has a laugh over a missed opportunity. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Brian Dumoulin waits for the puck to drop in the Stars’ zone. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Evgeni Malkin celebrates his empty-net clincher with Tom Kuhnhackl. – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS