Cartoon Canon: Heart of the 1970s’ Century Line

RICHMOND, Va. — I’m not quite old enough to remember the Penguins’ first decade, but whenever I look at photos of those teams, Jean Pronovost always stands out.

I just love looking at his face … that crooked, joyous smile (and occasional big 1970s mushroom of curly hair) just begs to be made into a drawing. He is, to me, the epitome of the hockey player from that era. All that’s missing, I suppose, is a big, ridiculous mustache!

The uniforms, I’m afraid, are a different story. They really seem to have lost the plot, so to speak, by the mid-’70s. The blue was nice, and I dig the angular sleeve stripes on the away jerseys, but the look overall had become a mess … not quite the classic look they’d begun with in ’67, and not yet the classic look they’d adopt with the switch to black and gold in 1980, but a strange mishmash of both. Still, I know a lot of folks that still call them their favorites … all a matter of taste, I suppose!