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Site stuff: Who’s buying the Java?

With all of our organizational focus in February and March so far spent on long-term planning and budgeting, it left me no time to focus on selling sponsorships.

With all of our organizational focus in February and March so far spent on long-term planning and budgeting, it left me no time to focus on selling advertising and sponsorships.

Not that I do a ton of selling. We have a finite amount of inventory, and we’re very fortunate to have amazing partners who’ve been with us for years. And really, most of our partners started as subscribers who reached out to us, and my role was basically to customize packages that served their specific needs.

OK, so this isn’t selling, either, but I do want to call everyone’s attention to one signature advertising opportunity that might be a great fit for your company: Morning Java.

Remember this setup below from our very first episode Nov. 20, 2014?

Those of you who have been with us since the original year will remember that Dejan was the entire editorial operation and that Java wasn’t much more than him talking to himself once a week standing in front of his desk in our basement. Meanwhile, I was trying to hold the phone steady and create interesting camera angles, miserably failing at both. So much so, that my brother- and sister-in-law spent the entire holiday trip to Pittsburgh that winter — they both work in TV production in New York – shopping with me for equipment and teaching me basics.

Like how to get Dejan’s skin to not be fuchsia!

A few months later, when our subscriptions and budget increased, our friends at Mount Washington-based Phenomenon Post helped me pick out and set up professional lighting, and they created an Adobe Premiere template that not even I can screw up. We loved it so much we still use it today. Thank you guys for making me look like I knew what I was doing!

As the staff grew, so did the frequency of the show to daily. Then, we moved the set from our basement to our Highmark Stadium offices — man, was that a good day —  and last year, with the addition of Chris Benson to the staff, we really upped the production value. Professional studio, lighting, audio and a full-time producer … a real show!

But even with all those tools, we’re making a deliberate effort to not overproduce it. It’s still just a bunch of sports people casually talking about sports. We want you to feel like you could just walk in at any time, pull up a chair and join the conversation.

What does any of this have to do with sponsorships?

Well, this is my very long way of telling you that this show is very special to us, it’s our baby, so we want to find a sponsor who would love it as much as we do. We only have one of these, and we feel it’s a unique opportunity for promoting a brand, product placement and much more. Most important, it’s our only feature that’s consumed on all platforms, including all video and audio, the site and the app, even our emailed newsletter.

If you or anyone you know would like more information, including all related stats, please email me directly:


With the Pirates’ season around the corner, I also have a few creative options available for baseball advertising, as well as more limited options for the Penguins’ playoffs.

Many thanks to all of our current sponsors and partners. Next to our subscribers, you make everything we do possible. We are more than proud to be associated with each and every one of you!


No matter the news organization with which I’ve been involved, it always seem somebody gets ticked off because there is moderation on comments. For some reason, some feel they can put whatever they like in any forum.

Fact is, we have to moderate. We can’t allow personal attacks or bad behavior to take place on our commenting platform. We just can’t. It ruins the experience for everyone else. And that experience is one of the things that makes DKPS so unique. We enjoy the back-and-forth interaction this site offers. It gives a community feel, plus direct access to the reporters covering your favorite teams.

Sometimes, people occasionally step across the line. For the first time in my six months here — has it been that long? — I had to moderate some comments Friday. I didn’t do it flippantly.

We understand people are going to disagree with the opinions of others. That’s only natural. We’re not all going to agree 100 percent of the time on anything. But personal attacks, cursing at other posters or otherwise questionable posts cannot be tolerated. We just can’t do that.

We also understand people get fired up about sports. It’s what makes our jobs possible. It’s part of what makes watching sports so much fun. But if it happens that there’s moderation and you wonder why, email me directly:

In the meantime, keep commenting and asking questions and we’ll keep answering. — Dale Lolley


We have 386 Lifetime Lunatics, with nine sold in the past week since we announced we’re cutting off that program once it reaches 500. If you’d like a Lifetime subscription for $250, they’re right here. You can upgrade from any level at any time. If you do, email us at and we’ll reimburse you for the time you have left on your existing subscription.

There are exactly 114 left!


Our recent push to promote our Apple app — through many forms, both visible and otherwise — is reaping instant rewards. The past four weeks of installations by new users — 94, 117, 103 and 125 over this past week — have been our biggest non-Christmas weeks since Patric Hornqvist planted that puck off Pekka Rinne’s hindquarters.

That’s extremely encouraging in that it puts us into people’s phones where, ideally, they’ll be intrigued enough by what they see to consider a subscription. There’s no scientific formula for this, obviously, but new subscriptions have been on the rise to accompany this trend.

Next week, I’ll have some info for you on the Android front in the same spirit. — Dejan Kovacevic


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If you’ve got issues with either app, please help us out by emailing specifics to, including your device, platform and operating system. — Dejan


• Subscriptions are at 38,505. That’s minus-10 over the past week.

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• We had 538,828 page views, according to Google Analytics, with an average page view time of 1:59. Our most-hit file was Dale’s Steelers free-agency primer at 18,356. Second was Dale’s analysis of the secondary makeover at 15,009. The next 11 on the list were from my coverage of the Penguins’ trip through New York and Montreal. And the next one after that? Last week’s Site Stuff!

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