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Drive to the Net: So Crosby … uh, how to describe it?

Sorry, but I've got no words for this one. Very few, anyway.

And far more telling, no one else could muster much, either.

So how about if we all just clear out of Sidney Crosby's airspace and revisit, from all available angles, the double-tap goal he somehow scored behind a stunned Carey Price at 15:02 of the second period during the Penguins' 5-3 victory over the Canadiens on this Wednesday night at PPG Paints Arena.

Maestro, if you will ...

I mean ... what's there to say for that?

To be sure, neither of the participating coaches could come up with much.

"Well, it was a huge goal for us," Mike Sullivan would say, referring to it tying the score at three each, not the magnitude of its excellence. "It was an answer to the goal they got to gain the lead, so to go into the locker room after two periods with a tie game was really important for us. So it was a huge goal for us."

He then seemed to catch himself, realizing he hadn't addressed that whole excellence thing.

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