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Only three days left to avoid price hike!

For three-plus years, we have been one of the least expensive subscription sports media sites around. And we’ll continue to be that. But we at least have to close the gap a little, so we’re going to have a price increase.

It will take effect at midnight on Monday, April 9, and it will see our prices move to $4.99 for monthly, $39.99 for annual and $87 for the three-year Lunatic. (They’re currently $3.99, $29.99 and $66.)

Our discounted prices for students and senior citizens, as well as our free subscriptions for active-duty military, will remain the same.

This will be only the second price increase in the site’s existence — the other was in September 2016 — even though the original prices were set when Dejan was the only writer. We’ve obviously grown a lot since the beginning, now covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt football and Penn State football full-time, all games, home and road, plus so much more. And through all that, again, the prices have stayed pretty much the same.

Even with this increase, we’ll remain way below most subscription sports sites, whether in Pittsburgh or anywhere, as this illustrates:

By printing this, we’re not making a commentary on anyone else’s prices. Their businesses are their businesses, and everyone’s got a different outlook. We’re just trying to offer you a fuller perspective on where our prices stand.

We appreciate the tremendous support we’ve gotten from you, from our sponsors and partners, from the teams and colleges we cover. It wasn’t easy being the first venture of our kind, and it isn’t easy continuing to grow to the goals that we — and you — have come to expect. We’ve talked about an increase since this past September, and we finally felt this was the right time.

Also, and this is important: If you’re already with us, you can avoid the price increase by upgrading, or extending (if you have a three-year subscription) at the current prices at any time between now and Monday.

We did this in 2016, too, and it proved to be hugely popular with our existing subscribers, so here’s how it works:

1. Tap on My Account.

2. Once you’re there, tap on the blue button marked Upgrade Subscription or Renew

3. On the page you see next, tap on the level to which you’d like to upgrade or renew and purchase.

4. Please allow 24 hours for your account to fully update.

Your upgraded level will be added on top of your existing subscription. So, for example, if you’re currently on a one-year plan with six months remaining, and you upgrade to the three-year, you’ll be subscribed for the next six months plus another three years (but at the current price).

Hopefully, this way, as many current subscribers as possible don’t have to experience any price increase for years to come.

We thank you yet again for your support. We can never say that enough.

Anything you need, email us: