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Site Stuff: We couldn’t do it without you

I wake up every day, I go to work, try to do a good job. Most days, I am so wrapped up in the tasks I forget why.

I wake up every day, I go to work, I try to do a good job. Most days, I am so wrapped up in the tasks I forget why.

Well, these past two weeks leading up to our price increase were an overwhelming reminder.

It wasn’t just the 80 readers who upgraded to Lifetime Lunatic subscriptions, or the 170 who renewed their annuals, or even the amazing 749 who upgraded to Lunatic, it was also the notes they sent — from the father who feels closer to his sons because they regularly discuss our content, from the daughter who gave a Lifetime subscription to her mom, from the senior who waited for his social security check to afford an upgrade, from the out-of-towners who keep a lifeline to their hometown by sharing their passion for Pittsburgh sports with all of you, from so many of you who start every day here with us. So many kind words, so much support.

Yeah, OK, that’s it! That’s why I quit a job that I was very comfortable and happy with to be a part of this — what we do means something … to thousands of people.

Thank you for letting us do what we love and for being a part of this wonderful, crazy, passionate community. Thank you for making it all happen. We couldn’t do any of it without you!

Oh, got so emotional here I almost forgot to mention  — the Lifetime subscription price did not go up, though we’ve been getting asked about that. They are still $250, but there are only 42 left.


Friday the 13th was my daughter’s 12th birthday. It also marked the one-year anniversary of a sad day in Pittsburgh sports — the death of Dan Rooney.

There’s a certain segment of people who think the media that covers the Steelers doesn’t do this or doesn’t do that because it’s afraid to lose its access to the team. Because of Rooney and his late father, Art, the founder of the team, nothing could be farther from the truth.

See, Art Rooney always felt any press was good press. And for decades, the Steelers were glad to have any coverage. Quite frankly, they stunk. They were the Browns, only worse.

So they welcomed coverage from anyone and everyone. And they continued that policy even after they started winning Super Bowls in the 1970s.

There are stories written or broadcast about the team all the time that it doesn’t like. There have been stories I have written that the team hasn’t been happy about. But nobody from the organization has ever pulled me aside and threatened my credentials or access over something I’ve written — not even in 1999 when I called for Bill Cowher to be fired.

And that all stems from Dan Rooney and his father.

Dan Rooney always made time to say hello to everyone. And he made sure he knew everyone’s names, from the janitors to the secretaries to the reporters who covered the team. After each game, even near the end when his body was betraying him, you’d see him after every game — win or lose — walking through the locker room, shaking the hand of each player.

It’s something his father did. It’s something his son, Art Rooney II, has continued. It’s something that makes playing for the Steelers special — and I’ve asked a lot of players who have been elsewhere about that over the years.

There is another team or two in town that could use a lesson in PR from the Steelers. You might not always agree with what they do or how they do it, but you respect the process, because they do it the way they do for a reason. And, largely, they win. In my 25 years of covering the team, they have had three losing seasons. Think about that.

That is only a small part of Dan Rooney’s legacy. — Dale Lolley


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