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Sunday’s Best: The playoff rivalry fans deserve

PHILADELPHIA — Last year, I got to write about the energy from the fans in Columbus, D.C., Nashville. Even Ottawa had some hatred toward the Penguins based on Sidney Crosby’s history with Marc Methot.

Despite animosity between the Penguins and any of those teams, particularly the Capitals, none of them felt like working from within the Wells Fargo Center. Game 3 didn’t maintain the energy it deserved, mainly because of the 5-1 scoreline, but it’s the first playoff game I’ve photographed where true hatred existed in the air.

Even if neither team is gooning it up quite yet, the players hate each other, the fans hate each other, and sometimes fans in the crowd end up next to each other who, simply put, shouldn’t be near each other.


That’s the first image in this Sunday’s Best. Two fans during the warmup skate on very different sides of the rooting aisle. The Penguins fan expressing love for her team. The Flyers fan expressing hate for his opponent. Their choices sum it up completely.

As I posted to our @dkpghsports Instagram account*, “These two wouldn’t be seated at the same wedding table.” Always have to keep that in mind this time of year.

From there, the rest of the game. See you guys in the comments!

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