Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Sunday’s Best: Celebration, dejection

PHILADELPHIA — Game 4 had a storyteller’s script to it. Every image seemingly full of celebration via the Penguins or dejection on the faces of the Flyer fans.

There’s one image in particular, Phil Kessel celebrating his goal against the glass with a scream as the Flyers fan throws his head back in sadness. That image sits on top of the site with Dejan Kovacevic’s column, so it doesn’t lead Sunday’s Best here.

What does, though, is an image of a Penguins fan celebrating a goal by showing off her Sidney Crosby jersey from the crowd. It wasn’t uncommon for Penguins fans to stand up and cheer when the visitors scored each time. What was uncommon, though, was that she stood, and she stood and she stood until an usher was required to sit her down.

Have a look at the game’s celebrations — there are a handful of hugs above — and let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!