Carter vs. Lolley II: Our football writers’ final dueling mock

Things change constantly the closer you get to the NFL Draft, as the some guys' stock rises and others fall based on rumors that begin to circulate regarding health or off-field issues. The whole process just lasts too long.

But it has afforded me time to do four mock drafts this year. And it also afforded Chris Carter a chance at his second one as we bear down on the actual thing Thursday night at 8 p.m.. Remember, even the teams don't know how this is going to play out.

Will the actual draft look anything like what you're about to read? Maybe, maybe not. But after months of studying it, here's what we came up with. Remember, we don't deal in trades that haven't yet happened. Our soothsaying skills only go so far.

But check back Friday morning and see how many we got right:

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